Epoxy Resin Systems

Our extensive range of epoxy resin systems includes low viscosity systems for room temperature laminating, RTM and resin infusion, as well as systems required to operate in high temperatures, specialist gelcoat formulations and adhesives.

Our resin systems are used mostly in performance driven applications for the production of components that require high static and fatigue strength properties, and high stiffness. Our customers include companies producing sports equipment, aircraft components and the racing car constructors. Large quantities of our resin systems are also supplied into the wind energy and marine industries.

The precursors used in the formulation of our resin systems are, where possible, carefully selected to reduce odour levels and provide very good physiological properties thereby minimising skin irritation and skin allergy problems. For optimum processing flexibility most of our systems come with a range of hardeners, which vary in reactivity.

View the technical details of our standard resin systems below. Other systems are also available.