Many defence applications now rely on unique properties delivered by modern composite materials. PRF develops, manufactures and supplies composites that support defence applications. Throughout our 40 year’s history, PRF has worked with clients on high-security projects and has provided materials for submarines, armoured vehicles and military aircraft, including UAVs.

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"We selected PRF's RP570 for its excellent surface finish."

Peter Byron, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Gentex



Our RP570 is used in military helmet applications
Foxhound military vehicle
PRF Defence and Ballistics


PRF has developed a large range of prepreg resin systems in epoxy and phenolic, as well as thermoplastic resins, which cover most composite applications. Together with our extensive expertise in the development of reinforcement fabrics, PRF is able to provide specialist materials for specific industry applications. These include developing a number of prepreg and resin-based systems specifically for ballistic protection applications, such as protective vests and armour panels for shields and vehicles. In particular, we are proud of our abilities to process Dyneema®; we can prepreg Dyneema® with resin systems which maintain the fabric’s high dielectric properties.

Fabric Development

Military applications often require specialist considerations. We have extensive experience in developing bespoke woven and non-woven fabrics and will work together with clients in order to design the ideal solution to suit the requirements. Such bespoke materials can include new hybrid wovens, new weave patterns or new wovens using speciality fibres and materials; these materials can also fulfil specialist requirements such as EMI and RFI shielding to name but a few. We can start this bespoke service with an order of just 7m for sampling and testing.

Kit Cutting

PRF supplies some of the world’s leading ballistic protection companies and provides composite kit cutting services for ballistics grade fibres, such as Dyneema® and Kevlar®. These materials can be cut dry or in prepreg form and layered up; we can cut ballistics grade Kevlar® layered up to 25mm thick. Kits can be supplied bagged, labelled and ready for use. Kit cut composites provide a number of benefits including savings on cost and labour time, optimal material usage and consistent quality.

Qiicote Mould Release Technology

To complement our range of advanced composite products, PRF developed Qiicote mould release technologies for thermoset and thermoplastic composites. The Qiicote range of products offers hard-wearing release films giving multiple releases with no contaminating transfer; the range includes cleaners, sealers and semi-permanent release agents. The benefits of using these products include variable slip with a high gloss finish, a number of ways to apply, no contaminating transfer from mould surface, low cost per part released and a maximum release performance. We have also developed an internal mould release agent, water-based semi-permanent release agents, and Silicone Shield, which is a modified PVA which preserves silicone bags and seals up to 100°C.