Highly toughened prepreg with a Tg of 214°C (DMA) and excellent mechanical properties

RP549 highly toughened modified epoxy prepreg has been specially formulated for the production of components requiring high mechanical properties and good impact resistance, particularly those exposed to elevated temperatures. This new system has an >200°C Tg following the 180°C cure cycle, and provides excellent mechanical properties in tensile, ILS and flexural strength.

RP549 is now in manufacture on a range of our high quality woven fabrics.

RP549 Technical data

Key Features & Benefits

  • Superb surface finish
  • Excellent mechanical properties in tensile, ILS and flexural strength
  • Flexible cure cycles 
  • Tg >200°C following 180°C cure cycle
  • Out life 21 days at 20°C; 6 months at 5°C
  • Available on most of PRF’s reinforcement fabrics
RP549 Automotive component