Shears and cutting machines

In addition to the right materials, high-quality tools are an essential requirement needed to manufacture composite parts. PRF has teamed up with leading suppliers of vacuum pumps, shears and ancillary products to ensure that every workshop is fully equipped.


Robuso shears

To further support our customers, PRF have teamed up with Robuso, Europe’s leading shears manufacturer, to provide a comprehensive range of master-crafted hand and electrical shears which are specifically designed to provide the complete cutting solution for our large range of high performance reinforcements.

These hand shears are almost entirely handmade and are adjusted to perfection by skilled craftsmen; every blade is uniquely tailored. Forged from high carbon steel and developed with over 90 years of expertise, both the hand and electrical products are designed to ensure efficient, reliable and comfortable cutting for any composite material or process, including shears for cutting a number of technical fabrics including Kevlar® and Dyneema®, and mould-making and trimming shears to name a few. The blades on certain models are also micro-serrated to prevent uncontrolled slippage. The quality of this product ensures durability; you won’t have to constantly replace the tools that you rely on.

We also offer a re-grinding and overhaul service which will extend the life of your shears and provides excellent value from this premium product.

The range includes:

  • Cutting shears / scissors
  • Mould-making shears / scissors
  • Electric-powered shears
  • Battery-powered shears
  • Rotary blade cutters
  • Pneumatic shears

View the full range in our Catalogue or contact our sales team for further details.