Mould Release

To complement our range of advanced composite products, PRF has developed Qiicote® Mould Release technologies for thermoset and thermoplastic composites. The Qiicote® range of products offers hard-wearing release films giving multiple releases, with variable slip with a high gloss finish, with no contaminating transfer and a low cost per part.


The range includes cleaners, sealer, a variety of semi-permanent release agents, including water-based agents, and special products such as an internal mould release agent and Silicone Shield, specially formulated to preserve silicone bags and seals. Products can be applied by hand or sprayed.

PRF Mould Release Qiicote
  • Qiicote® C110 – heavy duty solvent cleaner for removal of resin residue etc.
  • Qiicote® C120 – light solvent cleaner for preparation of mould surface
  • Qiicote® C130H – high temperature, heavy-duty solvent cleaner
  • Qiicote® S200 – foundation coat used to seal tool before application of mould release for thermoset and thermoplastics – 430°C performance
Semi-permanent mould release
  • Qiicote® R370 – low slip, high gloss – 190°C performance
  • Qiicote® R375 – medium slip, high gloss – 190°C performance
  • Qiicote® R377 – high slip, high gloss – 190°C performance
  • Qiicote® R380 – durable film, high gloss – up to 400°C performance
  • Qiicote® R400 – high slip, high gloss for thermoplastics – 430°C performance
Special release agents
  • Internal mould release – Qiicote® SMART900 – internal mould release for pultrusion – 200°C performance
  • Qiicote® SILICONE SHIELD – modified PVA for preserving silicone bags and seals – 100°C