Following the opening of our third facility, we have continued expansion by increasing onsite UD prepreg manufacturing. PRF’s state-of-the-art line has been installed at our head office and prepreg manufacturing facility, and is supported by R&D chemists, with in house resin system development – making these new materials fully compatible with our range of woven prepregs – and extensive lab facilities equipped for mechanical testing, rheology, DMA and DSC.

Our new UD prepreg capability includes carbon materials from 80 to 600gsm, at standard widths of 300 mm and 600 mm and, newly launched, our UD glass prepreg, available in widths of 150 to 600gsm, at widths of 300 mm and 600 mm.



Designed as an intermediately toughened system – complimenting our RP542-1 and super-toughened RP549 systems – RP542-4 is producing excellent results on unidirectional and woven carbon fabrics. The mechanical testing carried out shows the system to have excellent Tensile, Compressive, Flexural and Interlaminar properties and a relatively high Tg of 138°C after curing at 120°C. The onset Tg can be improved by 20°C to 120°C after post curing at 140°C for 2 hours. Adding to its usability, the system also has an out life of 60 days at 20°C


We can also provide a unidirectional prepreg with our highly toughened epoxy prepreg system, which provides superior mechanical properties and an 80–150°C cure. Specially formulated for the production of parts requiring superior mechanical and thermal properties, and good impact resistance, RP549 has a Tg of 195°C (DMA) and excellent mechanical properties in tensile, ILS and flexural strength. Feedback from our customers confirms that the material also has particularly good laminating characteristics, with good tack and grab, and can be used to achieve a visual quality finish in the component.