Developed in-house, these high quality systems offer flexibility for customers looking for a more suitable tooling solution. Competitively priced, PRF’s tooling systems provide outstanding surface finish in the tool, even after repeated mouldings, and have received excellent reviews from our customers.
All systems have a Tg of 190°C (DSC) after post cure.


This latest system provides the exceptional quality of our RP802 Overnight cure system, but with an 8 hour cure at 50°C and an out life of 5 days at 20°C.


Our high quality, industry-standard tooling system, with a cure cycle of 8 hours at 60°C and a tack life of 5 days at 20°C.

RP802 Overnight cure

This system doubles the tack life (10 days at 20°C) of RP800 or RP801, and has a 16 hours cure at 60°C or 8 hours at 70°C. The extended tack life and out life provides significant opportunities and cost savings over conventional tooling systems during manufacturing.


Providing a mid-range solution between our RP801 and RP802, RP803 has a cure cycle of 12 hours at 60°C or 6 hours at 70°C with a tack life of 7 days at 20°C.

Available on PRF’s high quality carbon and glass tooling fabrics.

Qtool logo

Introducing Q.tool epoxy prepreg tooling system

Groundbreaking new tooling prepreg system designed, developed and manufactured by PRF.

Q.tool significantly reduces the time and costs of tool manufacture, with its uniquely designed surface and 1020 bulk plies.

Using our class-leading RP800 epoxy tooling system, the combination of Q.tool’s new surface and 1020g/m2 bulk plies provides the same weight and thickness as the 1:8:1 system, and significantly reduces the number of debulks to as few as one.

Q.tool offers the constructor:

  • Up to 50% reduction in labour time
  • Reduced number of debulks
  • Improved sustainability and cost savings with reduced use of plastic consumables
  • Exceptional drapeability and surface finish

Read more about Q.tool here.

"We’ve never had moulds this good!"

Kevin Emmett, Technical Director, Supernatural-x




Watch Q.tool's drapeability in action!