Developed for high volume production of parts produced by heated press process, PRF's RP570 eXpress cure enables the constructor to create aesthetic quality parts in a processing time of just 4 minutes, with no need to cycle the mould tool or to cool the hot mould tool before demoulding at 140°C. This is achieved by a rapid rise in the Tg of the system, enabling it to rise above the temperature of the mould tool in the 4 minute cycle time, allowing parts to be made faster and back–to-back.

RP570 Technical data

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cures and is demouldable in 4 minutes at 140°C
  • Tg >140°C
  • Excellent surface finish
  • No thermal cycling of tools required
  • Fast Tg development
  • Can be preformed
  • Out life: 30 days at 20°C

Improved Sustainability with our eXpress cure systems:

The amount of energy saved curing our eXpress cure prepreg systems - RP570 and RP570 FR is significant. Using a press, the temperature is kept constant during the entire process of just 4-6 minutes. This is compared to most standard cure systems with which the temperature will be lowered for demoulding and raised for curing, with about 15-20 minutes at the curing temperature. When processed using an autoclave, cure cycle is also considerably reduced: typically as much as one third to half of the original time, depending on the autoclave. Both of these systems offer huge savings in the energy used to make a part, without compromising the component properties. We are in the process of measuring and quantifying this energy reduction. When the eXpress cure systems are processed in a press, there is also no requirement for consumables; bags, release film, breather, tacky tape etc., all of which are plastic-based materials and the constructor can achieve two A surfaces.

Available in our new prepreg material made using recycled chopped carbon mat:



"We selected PRF's RP570 for its excellent surface finish."

Peter Byron, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Gentex




PRF's RP570 eXpress cure