At PRF, we are proud to be part of an industry that is essential in leading the fight against climate change globally, and we are working hard to make our contribution towards this.

We believe that much more can be done to increase the sustainability of traditional composite materials, by looking at the life cycle of our products, from beginning to recycling.

We are investing in product development, manufacturing innovation and operational improvements to lower not only our impact at every stage – but to help our customers to do the same. With this in mind, we are developing groundbreaking materials that:

  • Use less energy to transport and store
  • Have reduced impact in processing
  • Require less consumable plastic – in manufacturing, packaging and processing

Doing sustainability differently.

Members of Composites UK Sustainability Subgroup

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“One of our prime objectives is to look at waste elimination or making use of that waste to regenerate such waste into a product that can be put back into the supply chain. Where neither is possible, PRF will look to make use of materials that can either be recycled, are biodegradable or compostable or have a high recycled content.

We are looking at raw material waste streams and have identified several opportunities whereby material that would be land filled, can now be converted into raw materials that can be used in other product forms. We are also looking at where PRF can make use of such materials to convert into prepreg forms for supply back into the industry, which will help our customers with sustainability objectives.”
Dave Ellson, MD, PRF Composite Materials