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At PRF, we are passionate about innovative product development, with an emphasis on helping customers reduce manufacturing time, and improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Innovative range of prepreg systems, designed to suit your manufacturing needs
  • Visual quality, toughened, low temperature, snap cure, unidirectional, tooling and more
  • A wide range of fabric options, supported by 40 years’ experience working with technical textiles
  • Great customer feedback received on the quality of materials, handling and finish in both tools and components
  • Short lead times – from our manufacturing line to you in 2–3 weeks, for standard materials

Review our full range in our prepreg selector guide here.

Highlights from our range:

› RP442 Low temperature prepreg with a longer out life.

› RP542-1 Mid-temperature component prepreg with superb surface finish. 

› RP542-4 Intermediately toughened system for woven and unidirectional materials.

› RP549 Highly toughened prepreg with a Tg of 214°C (DMA) and excellent mechanical properties.

› RP570 eXpress cure A true snap cure prepreg, with a complete processing time of 4 minutes.

› RP570 FR eXpress cure Formulated for structural components requiring FST properties, RP570 FR is cured and demouldable after 5 minutes at 160°C.

› RP800 Tooling prepreg From our class-leading range of prepreg systems, providing excellent quality with an 8 hour cure at 50°C.

Read more about our component and tooling systems and find out more about our prepreg manufacturing and in-house resin system development, R&D and lab facilities.


PRF RP570 Snap Cure diamonds
PRF Glass prepreg
Component made with PRF's RP542-3
Automotive component made with PRF's RP549 prepreg system