PRF offers a range of component prepregs, supplying the large volumes into medical applications and more specialist materials into the automotive and marine industries. Our range includes mid-temperature and low temperature cure systems, highly toughened systems and some special products designed to provide constructors with improved options for component manufacturing.
Visual quality

With 40 years' experience of working with advanced technical textiles, PRF specialises in visual quality component prepregs and specialist hybrids for bespoke applications. Our team produces exceptional visual quality prepreg materials, which are already used by leading brands for high end aesthetic components. Our RP542-1 and RP542-4 systems provide an aesthetic quality finish in the component, with RP542-4 available in UD carbon and glass as well as our wide range of woven fabrics. We have also developed a winter version of our popular RP542-1: RP542-3. Retaining similar properties, RP542-3 has a higher tack level and is ideal for use in colder workshops.

Low temperature

We also manufacture and supply a low temperature system: RP442. This system has a cure temperature ranging from 65 - 120ºC. Keeping our customers in mind, this system has been developed to have an out life of up to 30 days at 20ºC.

Highly toughened

Our highly toughened system RP549 has been specially formulated for components requiring high mechanical properties and good impact resistance. This system has received outstanding customer feedback, and provides excellent mechanical properties in the component and a Tg of over 200ºC following a 180ºC cure cycle.

"The main feedback from the shop floor was on the material’s excellent quality. It drapes really nicely and the tack level is perfect – it stays on the mould surface and doesn’t fall back up. Combined with the mechanical properties, this material is a really interesting option for future production." Kevin Emmett, Technical Director, Supernatural-x

eXpress cure 

Developed for high volume production of parts produced by heated press process, PRF's RP570 Snap Cure enables the constructor to create aesthetic quality parts in a processing time of just 4 minutes, with no need to cycle the mould tool or to cool the hot mould tool before demoulding at 140°C. This is achieved by a rapid rise in the Tg of the system, enabling it to rise above the temperature of the mould tool in the 4 minute cycle time, allowing parts to be made faster and back–to-back.

New in 2022: RP570 FR eXpress Cure
PRF Composite Materials is delighted to introduce its new RP570 FR eXpress cure prepreg system.

Formulated for structural components requiring FST properties, RP570 FR is a fire-retardant ultra-fast prepreg system which is cured and demouldable after 5 minutes at 160°C. This express resin system is principally designed for snap cure press moulding, however it can equally be used in conventional autoclave moulding and significantly reduces time in the autoclave – up to 50% less – thereby increasing productivity and lowering energy consumption per part.



An exciting PRF development, comform is a formable epoxy prepreg veil which is able to drape over complex surfaces as the fibres are free to move and drape in a tacky form. comform increases the scope of veils used in composite moulding applications and allows the special properties provided by these materials to be optimised in a far more efficient manner, such as in surfacing plies, resin film carriers and with specialist veils for RF and EMI shielding interlayers as well as many more applications in complex component shapes. These materials are available in a large range of weights, thicknesses and fibre types, including metal and metal-coated fibres.

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