PRF at JEC World 2023

After celebrating our 40th anniversary last year, we are excited to be bringing our range of innovative prepreg systems and the ThrustWSH project to the international stage at JEC World 2023, Stand E41.

On the stand, the PRF team will be showcasing our new, class-leading RP570 FR eXpress cure epoxy prepreg system. Formulated for structural components requiring FST properties, RP570 FR is a fire-retardant ultra-fast prepreg system which is cured and demouldable after 5 minutes at 160°C. This express resin system is principally designed for snap cure press moulding, however it can equally be used in conventional autoclave moulding and significantly reduces time in the autoclave – up to 50% less – thereby cutting energy usage per part. RP570 FR is tested to Federal Aviation Requirements 25.853, AITM 2.0007 and 3.0005, UL94 V1 and FMVS Standard No.302.

Continuing our drive to develop materials that offer measurable advantages in cost-effectiveness and improved sustainability - with reduced energy consumption per part – the team will also be presenting our groundbreaking Q.tool prepreg tooling technology (UK Patent Pending), which significantly reduces the time and costs of carbon tool manufacture. Using our class-leading RP800 epoxy tooling system, the combination of Q.tool’s uniquely designed surface and 1020g/m2 bulk plies provides the same weight and thickness as a 1:8:1 system, and offers significant advantages: up to 50% reduction in labour time/cost; reduced number of debulks to as few as one; improved sustainability with reduced use of plastic consumables; exceptional drapeability and surface finish.

As prepreg suppliers to ThrustWSH, we are also excited to have the ThrustWSH C3.1 model on the stand. Led by Richard Noble OBE and Lorne Campbell, the aim of ThrustWSH is to set a new water speed record, and PRF are delighted to be part of this cutting-edge project in advanced engineering.

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