Missing PRF at Advanced Engineering 2020?

At the show, we had plans to exhibit some fantastic new mould tools and components that exemplify the high quality PRF’s prepreg materials, including our range of tooling materials, snap cure and visual quality materials.
The mould and component pictured below have been made by the team at Supernatural-x, using PRF’s RP800 tooling prepreg and RP549 highly toughened, visual quality prepreg.

Kevin Emmett, Technical Director, Supernatural-x:

"PRF’s RP800 tooling system was chosen for this mould as we were on a very tight timeline to produce the pattern, mould and first component in less than 10 days from finished design, and to getting the part out to the customer in California, USA. The mould has seen around 30 parts manufactured from it, cured at 150°C, with no degradation to the surface. It is as good as the day we manufactured it!

The component is a cover for a supercar airbox; it sits above the engine in the vehicle and needed to take a higher temperature but is also very visual, as it’s the first part you see when looking into the engine bay through the rear screen. As such, PRF’s RP549 resin system was chosen as it fitted all criteria when “pregged” on a 245gsm visual quality fabric."

Read more about online on our RP800 and our range of tooling systems and RP549 and our range of systems for components.


RP549 Supercar component
RP800 Mould tool