PRF at Advanced Engineering 2021

The team had a fantastic time at Advanced Engineering 2021! The show had a real buzz around it, as a reunion of the industry after the hiatus in live events during the COVID pandemic.

On the stand, the team discussed our class-leading, innovative prepreg range, with a supercar component from Supernatural-x constructed in our RP549 highly toughened system and an impressive Face Guard constructed by Gentex using RP570 Snap cure carbon prepreg. RP570 was selected for this component for its excellent surface finish, however it also provides the benefit of having a complete processing time of just 4 minutes. You can learn more on our snap cure system and how it works at:

In 2021, we have also been proud Headline Sponsors of the Composites Engineering Forum at the show, supporting innovation throughout the industry. Turning 40 in 2022, PRF has a long history of being at the forefront of advanced composites and this continues today. We work with our customers to develop new products and solutions that not only meet technical requirements, but also provide improved sustainability by enabling more efficient manufacturing.

We would like to thank Easy Fairs for a safe and fantastically organised show. We are already looking forward to the 2022 edition!

The team on the PRF Stand
PRF Composite Materials stand
PRF as Headline Sponsors of the Composites Forum
PRF Bamboo coffee cups
The PRF stand