PRF Composite Materials introduces new RP-570 Snap Cure Epoxy Prepreg System – with a complete process time of 4 minutes

PRF Composite Materials is pleased to introduce its new Snap Cure epoxy prepreg system RP-570, which has a complete process time of 4 minutes and produces an aesthetic quality finish in pressed components. Developed for high volume production of parts produced by heated press process, RP-570 Snap Cure enables the constructor to create parts in a processing time of just 4 minutes, with no need to cycle the mould tool or to cool the hot mould tool before demoulding at 140°C.

PRF Composite Materials Snap Cure prepreg system RP-570 4 minute cure for pressing

Components pressed on a hot mould tool and demoulded at a constant temperature of 140°C in 4 minutes. The parts have been trimmed, and the coloured parts have been primed and sprayed without additional surface preparation.

Working continuously on a pre-heated mould tool at 140°C, the preform is placed on the mould tool, the mould tool is closed and pressure applied. After 4 minutes the part is fully cured and can be removed from the mould tool without any cooling, enabling parts to be made back-to-back without heating and cooling the mould tool each time. This is achieved by a rapid rise in the Tg of the system, enabling it to rise above the temperature of the mould tool in the 4 minute cycle time.

Managing Director, Robert Burnell comments: “One of PRF’s main ambitions has been to speed up the manufacture of composite components in order to facilitate the use of composites in high volume production industries. We believe that this 4 minute cycle, with its aesthetic quality finish, is an ideal product for such industries and we are continuing to receive very positive feedback on the RP-570 prepreg system to support this.”

The system is available on the majority of our large range of reinforcement fabrics, including carbon, aramid and glass.

PRF Composite Materials Snap Cure prepreg system RP-570 4 minute cure for pressing

With no cycling of the tool, parts can be produced faster and the tool will remain stable, improving component consistency. We can also achieve an aesthetic class finish with RP-570.

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