PRF congratulates UBRacing on another successful year

After completing a second year of supporting UBRacing in Formula Student, this year as a silver sponsor, PRF would like to congratulate the team on their best result in 7 years, placing 19th overall. This is a great achievement and we are proud to have supported the team with supplying prepreg materials for 10 parts of the car.

PRF Composite Materials as silver sponsors to UBRacing

UBRacing’s 2014 car, manufactured with PRF prepreg in 10 parts

Team member Dana Brintz:

 ”We felt very lucky to be using [PRF's prepreg materials] and so grateful you could provide us with exactly what we needed.  [PRF] was also very responsive to my technical queries which has helped to build the team’s knowledge.  The tack of the material made laminating easy for team members doing it for their first time.  We were really happy with the surface finish and were able to reduce the weight of our paint as a result.”

We look forward to working with UBRacing for the next season.

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