Discover PRF’s new tooling prepregs – now with extended tack life

We are delighted to introduce our new RP-801 and RP-802 tooling prepreg systems. Developed in-house, these high quality systems offer flexibility for customers looking for a more suitable tooling solution.

Developed to offer you the choice of system that best suits your processing and manufacturing requirements, PRF’s new RP-801 offers a high quality, industry-standard tooling system, with a cure cycle of 8hrs at 60°C and a tack life of 5 days (at 20°C). RP-802 Overnight Cure offers double the tack life (10 days at 20°C) with a 16hrs cure at 60°C or 8hrs at 70°C. Both systems have a Tg of 190°C after post cure.

Tool made with PRF’s new RP-802 epoxy tooling prepreg

Managing Director, Robert Burnell comments:

“From listening to our customers, we understood that our new tooling system had to match industry standards, but our market research also suggested the need for increased flexibility from a tooling system with extended tack life and out life. In keeping with our philosophy of ‘doing things differently’, we developed both RP-801 and RP-802 to give our customers choice and to enable them to work with the system that best suits their requirements; ultimately helping them produce more efficiently.”

These systems are in manufacture from September 2015 onwards and are available on PRF’s high quality carbon (200g/m² Twill 2/2 and 645g/m² Twill 2/2) and glass (300g/m² 8H Satin and 800g/m² Twill 2/2) fabrics.

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