New PRF prepreg systems at JEC World 2017

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Hall 5A, Stand P33

The PRF team are excited to be introducing a number of new epoxy prepreg developments at this year’s JEC World.

RP442 Low temperature cure, longer out life
Curing at temperatures between 65-120°C, RP442 is a low temperature epoxy prepreg system which boasts a long out life for this type of product: 30 days at 20°C. Initial customer trials have been very successful, with the system providing good results in surface finish.

RP542-3 Winter prepreg for colder workshops
Our technical team has also been busy developing a winter version of our popular mid-temperature component prepreg. RP542-3 retains similar properties to RP542-1 but has increased tack levels, making it ideal for use in colder workshops.

Carbon component made with RP542-3 epoxy prepreg system

RP803 New mid-range tooling prepreg
Providing a mid-range solution between our RP801 Standard cure and RP802 Overnight cure, this new system has a cure cycle of 12 hours at 60°C or 6 hours at 70°C with a tack life of 7 days at 20°C.

Alongside our range of innovative prepregs, the team will also be discussing our wider range of composite materials: high performance reinforcements, epoxy resin systems, Qiicote mould release and kitting services.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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