PRF Composite Materials supplies a range of composite reinforcement materials, including Kevlar®, Dyneema®, glass and carbon fabrics, and covers the broad spectrum of textile technologies including woven fabrics and tapes, knitted multiaxials, braids and non-woven technical veils.

Additional fabric processing and finishing facilities are available, including powder coating with epoxy or polyester. Powder coating stabilises the weave, preventing distortion and enables the fabric to be cut without fraying. The thermoplastic powder coating can be used to bond layers together as in manufacturing of preforms for RTM processing. PRF also offer laminating and slitting services for the materials we supply. We can also cut a large range of woven fabric, including multiple layers of ballistic grade Kevlar®, on our CNC cutting machines. Two-dimensional CAD drawings are accepted by email and we nest for optimum material use. Kits are supplied bagged, labelled, to the customer’s requirements, and ready for use.

At the forefront of innovation, PRF can also offer a bespoke service which allows us to develop unique, cutting-edge woven textiles to suit individual customer requirements. We can start this service with an order of just 7m for sampling and testing.

2014: You can now buy from a wide range of reinforcements available at the PRF Online Store. Visit now to browse and purchase from the range of high quality wide woven fabrics, multiaxials and narrow tapes & braids available online.

Our reinforcements are used in a wide range of industries including wind turbine construction

Our reinforcements are used in a wide range of industries including wind turbine construction

PRF High quality Epoxy-coated Carbon Fabric

Our materials are available as dry fabrics or can be powder-coated to suit the application

Woven fabrics

  • Standard and Intermediate modulus carbon
  • HM aramid fabrics – Kevlar® and Twaron®
  • Hybrid Fabrics
  • Dyneema® polyethlyene fabrics and Dyneema® hybrids
  • E-glass fabrics
  • E-glass woven rovings
  • Diolen® polyester fabrics
  • Carbon/Glass Advanced Synchron Weave

Multiaxial fabrics

  • E-glass uni-directional and biaxial fabrics
  • E-glass triaxial and quadriaxial fabrics
  • Carbon multiaxial fabrics

Narrow Width Woven Tapes and Braids

  • Narrow Woven Tapes
  • Flat and Tubular Braids

Non-Woven Technical Veils

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We would like to thank all companies concerned for the use of the acknowledged trademarks and registered names. Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont, Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM Dyneema, Diolen® is a registered trademark of Polyester High Performance GmbH and Polyamide High Performance GmbH, and Twaron® is a registered trademark of Teijin Aramid BV.