PRF manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of prepreg materials in woven carbon fibre, glass fibre, aramid fibre, hybrids, unidirectional carbon and glass fibres, as well as prepregs with carbon nanotube additives. The resin content of each layup, epoxy or phenolic, can be manufactured to suit your unique requirements.

In 2013, we completed installation of our new prepreg line, now manufacturing at our headquarters in Poole, Dorset. Expanding on our current prepreg service, the new line has a capacity of over 1 million linear metres p.a. at 1.5m wide and is fully capable of processing large quantities as well as small runs of speciality materials, such as Dyneema®, for innovative and bespoke applications. The service benefits greatly from our experience in fabric development and R&D facilities, allowing us to produce unique and technically advanced products.

Our manufacturing capabilities include both solvent dip and hot melt processes, with a range of materials, including woven fabrics, UD prepregs, and multiaxials in a range of fibre types. We can also provide prepregs with carbon nanotube additives, resin films and adhesive films.

Our prepreg line is fully supported by the latest technology, such as film weight scanning technology, chemists and our extensive laboratory facilities. Representing a vast development for PRF, in 2013 we extended our process laboratory to incorporate resin development and R&D, and introduced a new material testing laboratory which can perform thermal analysis and mechanical testing for R&D and quality assurance.

Technical after-sales support will be available and standard lines will be kept on stock in the large freezer facilities at our headquarters, ready for immediate despatch. Providing a full service, we are able to cut a wide variety of prepreg  on our CNC cutting machine; we accept two-dimensional CAD drawings via email and nest for optimum material usage.  Kits are supplied in bags ready for use.

Innovation at PRF:

2015: Following the successful launch of PRF’s RP-570 Snap Cure system, which provides an aesthetic class finish to pressed components with a complete cycle time of 4 minutes, we are delighted to introduce our new RP-801 and RP-802 tooling prepreg systems. Developed to offer you the choice of system that best suits your processing and manufacturing requirements, PRF’s new RP-801 offers a high quality, industry-standard tooling system, with a cure cycle of 8hrs at 60°C and a tack life of 5 days (at 20°C). RP-802 Overnight Cure offers double the tack life (10 days at 20°C) with a 16hrs cure at 60°C or 8hrs at 70°C. Both systems have a Tg of 190°C after post cure. Contact our team for more information:

2014: You can now buy selected products from our prepreg materials range on the PRF Online Store. Visit to browse the range of low temperature and mid-temperature systems available.

PRF can kit cut prepreg materials to our customers' exact requirements

We can kit cut prepreg to aerospace standard in our new Kitting facility with class 7/8 clean rooms

PRF's RF464C0435 Epoxy Carbon Low temperature Prepreg

With a capacity of over 1 million linear meters of fabric at 1.5m wide, PRF’s new prepreg line is now installed and operational.

PRF Composite Materials Snap Cure prepreg system RP-570 4 minute cure for pressing

Components made with PRF’s new RP-570 Snap Cure Epoxy Prepreg System

Epoxy component prepreg

  • 50°C-100°C Low / Variable Temperature Cure
  • 120°C Cure
  • carbon fabric
  • glass fabric
  • Kevlar® fabric
  • hybrid fabrics
  • unidirectional carbon from 22g/m² fibre weight
  • carbon nanotube toughened unidirectional carbon
  • Snap Cure prepreg for pressing, with a 4 minute complete processing time

Epoxy tooling prepreg – Low temperature cure/ High Tg.

  • carbon and glass fabrics

Phenolic component prepreg

  • glass fabric
  • aramid fabric

Epoxy resin film

  • adhesive bonding
  • resin film infusion
  • with carbon nanotube

New products and capabilities will be included on this page once developed.

To discuss your prepreg requirements, contact our sales technicians today.

We would like to thank all companies concerned for the use of the acknowledged trademarks and registered names. Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont, Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM Dyneema. 


Tooling prepreg

Resin system Product Cure temperature Tg (DSC) Shelf life at 20°C Reinforcement Application
Epoxy RP-801 60 – 180°C 190°C Tack life: 5 days Out life: 7 days Woven fabrics Tooling structures
Epoxy RP-802 60 – 180°C 190°C Tack life: 10 days Out life: 12 days Woven fabrics Tooling structures

Component prepreg

Resin system Product Cure temperature Tg (DSC) Shelf life at 20°C Reinforcement Application
Epoxy RF-464 65 – 120°C 107°C 21 days Woven fabrics General & Industrial
Epoxy RP-442* 80 – 120°C 120°C 1 month Woven fabrics General & Industrial
Epoxy RP-507 90 – 160°C 106°C 1 month Unidirectional carbon General & Industrial parts. Fire retardant version also available.
Epoxy RP-522 100 – 135°C 115°C 1 month Woven fabrics General & Industrial
Epoxy RP-542-1 80 – 120°C 125°C 40 days Woven fabrics General & Industrial
Epoxy RP-549* 80 – 150°C 160°C 1 month Woven fabrics General & Industrial, motorsport
Epoxy RP-570 140°C 140°C 21 days Woven fabrics Press Moulding

Epoxy adhesive film

Resin system Product Cure temperature Tg (DSC) Shelf life at room temperature Reinforcement Application
Epoxy RF-550 100 – 150°C 150 – 450 g/m² 1 month Can be supplied with or without 17g/m² polyester mat General & Industrial bonding and resin film infusion.
 *Product in development; information is indicative of properties in developed system.

Tg assumes full curing.