Consumables are used in autoclave, vacuum bag and resin infusion applications. PRF stocks a wide range of consumables for use in these applications.


The Compoflex® products are breathable microporous peeling materials which are designed to work in the same manner as the combination of peel ply, release film and flow mesh. This single layer product provides superior results over large areas. The microporous surface and the low surface tension allow the product to release quickly and efficiently, whilst the random microporous perforations style ensures full impregnation of the laminate. It is also possible to overlap the material without jeopardizing the quality of the laminate. The hardened resin will also remain in the product, reducing airborne resin dust. For the right application, this product can produce significant time and cost savings. A number of products are available to provide different equivalent breather weight options, different combinations of breather, release film, peel ply and flow mesh, and textured surfaces for secondary bonding.

Peelply Fabrics

Our Peelply fabrics are widely used throughout the advanced composite and reinforced plastic industries. We supply into applications ranging from Formula 1 race car components to marine applications, as well as the large volume wind energy business. Due to the large quantities that we supply, we are able to be very competitive whilst offering an extremely high quality product.

Release Films

Important features in the release film are high strength and toughness and resistance to the intended cure temperatures. They must also be chemically resistant to the matrix system used. PRF supply a range of release films to suit a variety of applications.

Breather/ Bleeder Fabrics

The essential requirements of a good breather/ bleeder fabric are temperature resistance, adequate to withstand the required curing temperatures; good drapeability enabling it to conform closely to the contours of the mould and good permeability to solvent vapours. We supply two main breather fabrics to suit different requirements.

Peelply tape

We supply Peelply fabrics into motorsport, marine and wind energy applications

Vacuum Bags

Curing temperatures define the type of bag used, and we can offer a range of products including heavy duty re-usable bags and tubular systems all in high and low temperature versions.

Resin Distribution Medium

Our resin distribution medium ensures the free and even flow of resin across and through the resin stack. The resin distribution medium is a knitted thermoplastic membrane supplied in 100cm wide lengths.

Sealant Tape

Sealant tapes are used to hold and seal the bagging medium to the tool. Curing temperatures decide which tape is required. PRF offers a variety of sealant tapes can be supplied, for low or high temperature curing.

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