Our comprehensive range of composite materials includes high performance reinforcements, prepregs (tooling and component), epoxy resin systems, release agents, core materials, aerospace adhesives, tooling block and consumables.

The choice of a particular composite material or system will depend on many factors including the required properties of the finished component, the geometry of the component and the manufacturing process technology to be used.

At PRF Composite Materials, we also have the expertise and capabilities to design and develop new woven materials, such as new hybrid wovens, new weave patterns or new wovens using speciality materials. We can start this bespoke service with an order of just 7m for sampling and testing. Our product range is also fully supported with after-sales technical support.

2014: You can now buy PRF materials online! Visit the PRF Online Store to browse the range of prepregs, reinforcements, epoxy resin systems, Qiicote® mould release and shears.

PRF's range of advanced composite materials

PRF offers one of the widest ranges of composite materials in the industry

Our vast experience, garnered from 30 years at the forefront of the composites industry, makes us the ideal partner to help you find the solution to your composites requirements.

Please explore our product range online and contact us to discuss your application requirements with our experienced sales technicians.