Each industry has their own material challenges and requirements. Utilising our 30 years experience we assist our clients in refining their products to make them lighter, stronger and more efficient.

Our vast experience in developing composite materials allows us to identify the required technical features of a given material and to maintain and/or improve this feature in the end component; for instance, we can prepreg Dyneema® with resin systems which maintain the material’s high dielectric properties.

The wide range composite materials we offer means that we can provide working combinations of fabrics, including the addition of non-woven technical veils to provide specialist attributes such as lightning-strike protection. It also means that we are able to supply materials that work together to achieve an end result, such as carbon fabric with a matrix that does not compromise the fabrics natural transparency nor its mechanical properties.

We are also able to develop innovative and bespoke products in order to create the desired outcome, for example we can manufacture short runs of bespoke prepreg and weave fabrics with speciality materials such as quartz and stainless steel.

Composite industries served by PRF Composites

We have worked with a wide variety of industries throughout our 30 years at the forefront of the advanced composites industry, including automotive, motorsport, wind energy, defence and sports & leisure to name a few.

We can also weave materials for cosmetic applications and are able to provide aesthetic grade carbon, our highest quality, double-side inspected fabric, and materials that incorporate coloured/metallic yarns for visual effect.

Our philosophy is to work with you to provide materials that not only meet the technical requirements of the finished component, but also your manufacturing processes, lead times and budgets. We provide R&D services to this end; testing our materials suitability for your application and finding new ways to improve the end component.

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We would like to thank all companies for the use of the acknowledged trademarks and registered names. Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM Dyneema.